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Destination airport: Coast.

Wilhelmshaven - you haven't really thought about it yet, have you? But that doesn't matter: what isn't, can still be. And so we want to bring you a little closer to our little port city. With all its corners, edges - and flowing waters.
Because Wilhelmshaven, yes, the name says it all. Around the harbor you will not only find ships, cutters and seagulls, but also some highlights of the coastal city.

Wadden Sea Visitor Center

The Wadden Sea belongs to the North Sea like the fish to the water and the sand to the beach. That's why - and because we can absolutely recommend it ourselves - you should definitely go on a mudflat hike.
The visitor center of the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea offers tours with expert guidance. Here you can learn everything about the fascinating world of tides.

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South Beach Promenade

As befits a true promenade, you can do one thing above all: stroll for all you're worth.
The Südstrandpromenade is a real gem in Wilhelmshaven - and packed with highlights such as the Aquarium, the Wadden Sea Visitor Center and the German Naval Museum.
You want to explore the area? Good thing, there's also a bike rental service here!

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Naval Museum

If you are interested in the topic of seafaring, we recommend a trip to the Naval Museum.
Here, the history of the German Navy since the middle of the 19th century is presented. The museum includes three epoch rooms in which the history of the navy is shown on the basis of permanent exhibitions.
Especially exciting: You can also visit various old ships on the outdoor grounds!

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But let's get down to the ‘butter with the fishes’ as we say in Germany: In the aquarium in Wilhelmshaven, you can dive into the fascinating underwater world of the North Sea.
Various themed worlds take you through the history of the earth's origins - and past more than 300 animal species. Seals, penguins, caimans, sharks and Antarctic fish are at home here and can be admired up close.

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Our Wilhelmshaven is located on the approximately 190 km2 Jade Bay. Formed in the Middle Ages by storm surges, the Jade Bay is now part of the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park, itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Good to know: The area around the Jade Bay is divided into two protected zones to protect the flora and fauna.
Hikers and cyclists are therefore only allowed on marked trails.

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